Chromecast converter is a small application I am developing in my spare time. It is an application that uses ffmpeg to automate the conversion of videos into a "Chromecast-able" format. It is still very raw and I plan on changing a few things listed below:
  • Automate the detection and balancing of the audio levels.
  • Add the ability to customize the name of the file via the Outputs list.
  • Better control for canceling the conversion process. Allow for "skip" usage post execution.
  • Develop a quality settings and preferences window.
  • Tweaks to progress bar output and application feedback.
  • Error Checking.
You can find the source code here. Enjoy!

This is the applications main interface. Use the inputs browse button to bring up a file dialog to select files. Once files are selected the inputs list is updated. Use the drag and drop-able options panel to easily adjust your quality settings for the conversion.

You can see that the files have been loaded in and are directed to the output location with "high" quality. Currently I've predetermined the best settings, but adding a setting preferences window will allow users to make their own adjustments, based on ffmpeg parameters. The progress bar and status bar messages are updated to give the user feedback on the progress.